In the ascendency again-Nissan 370Z -1

Nissan 370Z has been thrown open to the world the day before. It marks the brand revisting the roots, 240Z the nameplate that went on to create legions of followers like brands Skyline GTR (Japanese performance cars) have done.

240Z was something special for Nissan and the people who went to own it, it was discovery of a new era.

Since right now I am short of time, would touch base with you people again, covering the topic in depth.


Cheers to the legions of 240Z


Fly high in tough times – Singapore Airlines

There are few brands globally who would dare to do what the cirsumstances would dictate or permi, and those who do, create loyalty unsurpassed – is a cliched known fact.

Here is a video report by Martin Lindstorm on Singapore airlines one how they have contrary to the peers in teh industry who have been cutting the ameneties left right and center have created a new class of travel and trying to make most when other brand are hurting themselves the most. 

The link for the video report is given below.

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