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EU internet usage report 2008

Mediascope Europe  and European Interactive Advertising Association have recently concluded a study surveying 6021 respondents to come out with unique insights into the lives of Europeans and the impact internet.

Key messages from the study were (Not mine)

  1. Internet users are increasingly net as a medium to enhance the lifestyle.
  2. Technology is impacting the way the people are using internet, like faster connections speeds and greater uptake of wireless is enabling consumers to access web through various locatios.
  3. 25-34 year olds are driving the digital growth in 2008. This provides an opportunity to the marketers to target into a largely untapped demographic, who are regarded as financially more secure and understanding and awareness of the products and services they want.

Incase you want to access the summary can leave a comment, i will


the brand gap

Came across a good presentation in terms of content, deck asthetics and approach on brand + strategy

Go to the link below to access the same.


Cowardly acts in mumbai, 27 November 2008

As I write this post sitting in my office, the attendence is almost non-existent; the crisis around key landmarks continues.

Yesterday night there have been a series of attacks – decentralized in terms of various locations across mumbai. Two things occured to me while coming this early morning to office – that as a nation, India is severely under prepared to face and counter these new forms of terrorism and secondly, Mumbai’s spirit would outlive any of such coward acts in future.

Google recreating the web – mobile ‘ultimate ad vehicle’

Google is taking alot of its resources and putting them into the launch of its own mobile operating system called Android. This open operating system will entice the people across the world to provide inputs to make it better and also make the process faster, lead to a product with less bugs and most of all have people participating and in a way ensure that they have their stake in completion and successful launch and use of the product.


For more information you can check out the interview with Sumit Agarwal, Google mobile product manager, by clicking on the following link.

In the ascendency again-Nissan 370Z -1

Nissan 370Z has been thrown open to the world the day before. It marks the brand revisting the roots, 240Z the nameplate that went on to create legions of followers like brands Skyline GTR (Japanese performance cars) have done.

240Z was something special for Nissan and the people who went to own it, it was discovery of a new era.

Since right now I am short of time, would touch base with you people again, covering the topic in depth.


Cheers to the legions of 240Z

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