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Why volatility is loved but not lived with!

It has been fascinating to me observe human nature.

Have you ever realized, why machines like Royal Enfield though more volatile or I should say less reliable in performance than the average HH Splendour  admired by almost everyone, but few have the heart t buy it and live with it….

Rock fans would love AXL Rose, Dizzy Reed as long as fans dont have to live with GNR, as rock acts or I should say manifestations like GNR are so extreme in their outlook and life style that a normal human cant adjust to that extent.

Similarly, our recent one year has been one of the greatest volatility periods in the stock market history, people would have lost money in net terms as traders, but anyone who loves to study stock market would be just fascinated by the volatile movements happened during the period of 2007-08.

My line of thought is – we love the averages, mediocrity, same things; safety in life. Throughout our life we tend to get comfortable with things that we know or somehow can estimate the outcomes of every activity through prior experience through benchmarking. And the best and easiest way to do it is perform close to average so that you atleast know the result….

Hence, most of us are rather performing at average rates in order to be sure of the results rather than go beyond what we know and thus discover some unseen, unexperienced exponent of this universe – beyond the normal average….

This what makes great brands great, they always try to get away from the averages – rediscovering themselves everyday… They are volatile, hence they are loved, but living with them – you need to pay a huge price.


Nissan 370z – 2 continued …

As promised, we continue the coverage of 370z…

Going through the threads in the blogs on the feedback on the new 370Z, Nissan has achieved few particular objectives

  1. It has made the design more polarizing – either people like or not, there is no middle ground
  2. Design has become more aggressive – with new fangs in the air dam and the pointy two hook lights
  3. It has evolved over from 350z  – a la 911 type evolution, thus secured the core base of fans already in the market

I think, Nissan has succeeded well enough to protect the loyal following of 350z and create new.

The issue that I want to touch here is, that there are few brands who have followed an evolutionary approach over the years to reinvent themselves. ‘Classic’ is what can be easily attached to these brands because they were the first of the warriors out there fighting each day of their existence to create a space for themselves in the mind of the consumer.

In automotive history: Porsche 911, Royal Enfield, Harley Davidson or Coke in FMCG segment.

The forefather of 350z i.e. 240z was one such brands created in America. One of the strongest motivational drivers to bring  350z to America  by Nissan was to harness the emotion that still was inside the generation of drivers enthralled by the original, young boys getting a hand on their dad’s car or getting to work on a junk piece, reworking it, thus getting to love the car.

Nissan was looking for a revival in its fortunes in US, and 350z did the job.  Exterior designs and performance being one of the most critical  reasons for success or failure of a nameplate, 350 remained true to the philosophy of 240z -thus the results are there to see.

Hence, lesson: dont fix what aint broke…and 370z carries the baton.

Series will continue

Fly high in tough times – Singapore Airlines

There are few brands globally who would dare to do what the cirsumstances would dictate or permi, and those who do, create loyalty unsurpassed – is a cliched known fact.

Here is a video report by Martin Lindstorm on Singapore airlines one how they have contrary to the peers in teh industry who have been cutting the ameneties left right and center have created a new class of travel and trying to make most when other brand are hurting themselves the most. 

The link for the video report is given below.